I have a strong desire to serve my community and bring solutions to our state's financial problems. I see in the State Treasury position an opportunity to offer my years of business knowledge and experience in treasury management, bond issuance and investing. When I ran for the State Senate in 2016 I identified three major issues that needed attention: unfunded pension liabilities, infrastructure investment and new job creation. My entire business and professional experience had prepared me to bring new ideas to help address all of these aspects of the state's economy and finances.

I was sent to North America to restructure subsidiary ownership of an international company for tax optimization purposes. I negotiated with unions in a takeover situation. I have handled budgets bigger than the entire state of Connecticut's budget and was responsible for the largest high-yield bond offering ever made in 1994. No one has gone to Hartford with that kind of business background before.


John is keenly aware of the economic challenges facing the economy, and is ready to hit the ground running to address them. The major function of the State Treasurer is to oversee the state pension funds and in this area he will bring years of experience in fund manage selection and sector allocation decision-making in order to maximize the return on investment on the state's pension fund assets.

Aware of our challenges, John is optimistic about Connecticut and its future. Connecticut had fourth-highest gross domestic product per capita in the country and ranked high in household income, productivity, innovation and patents written. "That's why my wife and I decided to move here 30 years ago," Blankley said. "Problems have developed since then, and I don't want to minimize them, but I absolutely insist on talking about the things that are good in our state. It's morning again in Connecticut. The glass is half full."

"There is nothing in terms of business climate, taxes, regulations or whatever that have held me back," Blankley said. "There is no regulation if removed would have made me more entrepreneurial. There is absolutely nothing holding businesses back. Businesses still come here and stay here."

John also supports increased transparency of the Treasurer's office. He will draw on his years of experience with computer consulting and systems integration to make Connecticut a leader in information access and openness.

With grassroots support from people like you, we can change Connecticut.